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We provide complete Resume sourcing and screening solution. This includes CV sourcing from online Job boards mining in-house databases, search engines, and from online communities and groups. We are experts in using Boolean Operators for improved resume database search results. 24×7 searching of job boards, ATS’s databases, forums and other Web groups & communities to increase speed and candidate yield.

We identify “active candidates” from job boards and your internal candidate database and furnish you with their credentials. Our resourcers are experts in building custom search strings based on your specific and generic job requirements using advanced Boolean searching techniques.


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This model is ideal for recruitment companies that want a recruiting partner who will conduct the candidate vetting process in addition to identifying prospects. Our team will identify, make initial contact with and conduct pre-screening of candidates before delivering them to your recruiters.

Our Resourcers contact potential candidates by email and / or telephone Contacts candidates from 8:00am to 10:00pm. Uses customized scripts with specific screening questionnaire.

Lead Generation


If you are looking forward to expand your business, our resourcers will find the New Leads for your business from different job boards or from companies’ websites. The companies who post their jobs on different job boards and/or on their websites we search different kind of jobs.

Database Admin.

db hosting and admin

Acute Outsourcing provides valuable database management services that organize and optimize your current databases to ensure profitable results. Our professional database management services process work through various techniques.